In the 86 years that Welling & Crossley have been operating, we have stayed true to our Australian roots. In a country where overseas imports are becoming a norm, Welling & Crossley remains strong and our generators will no doubt outlast and outrun imported ones in every aspect.

With a customer base all over Australia our clients know they are getting the real deal when they choose to buy a Welling & Crossley diesel generator.  All of our generators are designed and produced with the harsh Australian elements in mind and to client specifications.

You just don’t know what you are buying when you get an imported generator; whether it is going to do the job properly and give you the results you require. Communicating with our customers to ensure they are getting the generator they require is just one of the things we can offer that an imported generator can’t. Because all production happens on site in Melbourne, we have the flexibility to custom design and build according to your specifications, keeping you up to date with your generators progress every step of the way.

With warranty, spare parts and after sale servicing to backup our products, you know you are getting the complete package when you choose buy a Welling & Crossley diesel generating set.

So let’s keep the Australian manufacturing industry alive by choosing a Welling & Crossley diesel generator. For more information on the products and services we can offer call us on direct on 1300 656 276.

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