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Shopping For Generators? Know Your Choices!

More and more people are buying generators. They are either preparing for major disaster situations, want to prevent a loss of power during occasional power outages, need electricity when camping, or for construction purposes. One thing they all do have in common; they all want a source in case the power is interrupted. Consumers have…

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How To Choose The Right Generator – The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to buy a generator but you have no idea where to start? With so many options it can seem very confusing. How do you choose the right generator for your needs? Do I need an inverter generator? 3 phase generator? How many kVA? Have no fear! This helpful guide is the best…

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Safety First When Refuelling Petrol Generators

red fire extinguisher

At this time of year, you are most likely thinking it is time to get your generator out of the shed and check the fuel levels and operating condition in preparation for blackouts that may occur during the summer period. Like with all machinery and equipment, safety must be a priority when it comes to…

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