Why Choose Diesel Generators

Reliable electricity supply is a necessity for individuals & businesses. We have seen power outages wreaking havoc throughout the country, causing problems for residents and businesses alike. Critical medical equipment fail to work, business operations are disrupted, and schools can’t provide lessons for students. Safe to say that in this modern world, electricity is almost as vital as water. 

One of the most popular steps to overcome these disruptions is to have a standby diesel generator on site. Diesel engines have always been associated with big industrial machinery, but read on to find out why a diesel powered generator is a great option for your electricity source. 

Diesel is more efficient than petrol 

Diesel fuel is denser than petrol and has about 15% more energy per volume. This high thermodynamic efficiency means that less fuel is needed to produce the same amount of power, and this in turn results in less emissions. A petrol engine’s efficiency is about 20% (which means that only 20% of the burnt fuel is used to move the engine) and a diesel engine’s is around 40%. Most of the fuel is lost to friction, noise, heat and other engine functions. While diesel is sometimes more expensive per liter than petrol, the fact that you need less fuel could mean that diesel is a much cost-effective solution in the long run. 

Diesel generators need less maintenance 

A diesel generator has no spark plugs & carburetor, which means less items to check & replace during regular maintenance. Instead of fuel being ignited by spark plugs, diesel engines produce combustion by injecting fuel into the cylinder and compressing the air to the point it is hot enough to ignite the fuel. The lack of a carburetor means that there will be no engine knocking issues due to incorrectly mixed air & fuel mixture ratio before entering the cylinder. 

Diesel fuel is more stable 

Diesel has a higher flash point then petrol, which means it is less likely to get accidentally ignited by sparks or fire. It also has a higher boiling point than water. Diesel is a heavy and dense liquid and evaporates slowly. At the pumps, the price for diesel is also a lot more stable and does fluctuate as much as petrol. 

Diesel engines are more robust and hardy 

Because combustion in diesel engines is produced with extremely high compression & temperature, the engines are built to be more sturdy and robust. This is necessary to withstand the forces generated by the combustion process. Higher quality components and better construction methods also serve to increase the generators lifespan. 

The fuel system is self-lubricating 

As diesel fuel is very dense and has an oil-like thickness, it will self-lubricate the fuel system in the engine. This includes the injector pump and the injectors. 

More torque at low RPMs 

Due to the higher compression needed for combustion in a diesel engine, it produces more torque at low RPMs compared to petrol powered engines. 

Our range of diesel generators come in many sizes to suit any applications, be it for home backup or to power a large industrial warehouse. We also have generators in acoustic canopies which significantly reduce generator noise while not compromising power output. 

Contact us for an obligation-free quote on your power needs. 

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