trucks and diggers in a mining site

Safety was priority one when designing our range of mine safe generators. These generators are powered by the renowned Lister Petter diesel engines that are known worldwide for their clean, reliable and long lasting products.Ranging from 6kVA to 160kVA in both portable and permanent applications, these units come complete with all the features that make up a mine specific generator.

An environmentally friendly bunded fuel tank is just one of the features included in these generators. Its design guarantees there will be no leaks or spillages on site causing any environmental issues or jeopardising the safety of any workers. An emergency stop button, battery isolator switch, and detachable fire extinguisher are all easily accessible as safety precautions and offer a peace of mind to those on the mining site. All outlets are weather proof and are provided with a lockable compartment for the RCD switches.

Using only the best Lister Petter engines, on the larger permanent generators servicing intervals are available at up to 2000 hours so that power does not need to be interrupted on a regular basis for servicing.