Welling & Crossley are proud to announce the release of the new Lister Petter LWA range of water cooled, fully encapsulated “silent Pack” diesel generators.

The LWA range replaces the proven and popular LLDA sets with a range of improvements and upgrades. The range is also expanded with the inclusion of the new LPWX4 engine used in the new LWX27A model generator, making a true 21kVA set with a naturally aspirated engine.

The new LWA sets incorporate new cabinets which are up to 20% smaller in size and manufactured with a new zirconium phosphate powder coated base plate with forklift sockets for lifting from all directions. The new acoustic cabinets are finished in ripple finish paint making them harder wearing and new construction methods make removal of the canopy a much easier proposition. There are also two lifting eyes in the top of each cabinet for ease of crane lifting.

The new models range from 6.3kVA to 21kVA in both single and three phase outputs and all feature two wire auto start function making them ideal for standby power. Couple these sets with Welling & Crossleys unique affordable new ATS Mains Failure controller and you have the perfect standby, auto start power system.


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