Direct On Line Starter Electric Fire Control panel – AS 2941-2013 Compliant

Model No.: DOL- ## KW-13

Welling and Crossley Direct On Line Electric Fire digital controller for electric motor driven fire pumps are available from 4KW to 22KW. Direct On Line or across the line starter applies the full line voltage to the motor terminals. They have been specifically designed to meet all the requirements of AS 2941-2013 (The Australian Fire Pump Standard).

For more information regarding compliance to the Australian standard AS 2941-2013 please refer to the relevant section/s within the standard, or contact us

This direct on line starter electric fire control panel is designed to apply the full line voltage to the motor terminals.
It includes the following components as standard:

  • Cubicle with gland plate in bottom.
  • Cable gland to fit your motor.
  • Up to 2 meters of cable in metal flex with 2 hour fire rated cables.
  • Cable lugs are labeled and extended through gland.
  • Motor starting circuit breaker fitted as panel supply isolator.
  • 3 stage battery charging.
  • Battery temperature monitoring.
  • Battery leads fitted.
  • Battery sensing leads fitted.
  • Input voltage up to 480 V
  • Heavy gauged rolled steel housing enclosure

Optional Red strobe available ( part no. STROBE LIGHT RED)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice

When ordering your electric fire control panel you will need to provide the following information:

  • Panel KW required
  • Cable length in Anaconda ( max 2m)
  • Gland thread size at motor
  • Treminal size of bolts on motor terminal block