AS 2941-2008 Diesel Fire Pump Control Panel

Model No.: FPC-DSL-12V-08 and FPC-DSL-24V-08

Welling and Crossley Digital controller for diesel motor driven fire pumps. Available in either 12 or 24 Volt configurations. These fire pump controllers have dedicated microprocessors with specific input, output and display capabilities. They have been specifically designed to meet all the requirements of AS 2941-2008 (The Australian Fire Pump Standard) including but not limited to clauses 9.4.1 to 9.4.22.

We can also build on request Australian NFPA-20 equivalent panels.

This diesel fire control panel is designed to automatically operate a diesel fire pump engine when the contacts of a remote water pressure switch close. The Panel is enclosed in a weather protective IP54 cover and includes the following components and monitoring systems:

  • 240V A.C. single phase supply and 12 or 24V D.C
  • LED indicators for; power on, pump standby, pump running, automatic start isolated, failure of engine to start automatically, power fail, controller fail, aural alarm silenced, start battery charger failure, control battery charger failure, start battery low voltage, over-speed shutdown, high engine temperature, low oil pressure, fuel low level, jacket heater failure.
  • Comprehensive LCD display monitoring system.
  • Comprehensive large button controls
  • Start isolate switch
  • simulated over speed testing
  • Crank isolate controls
  • Battery charger
  • Oil pressure sender (supplied loose)
  • Temperature sender (supplied loose)
  • Transducer (supplied loose)
  • Fuel level sender (supplied loose)
  • Battery leads (supplied)
  • 24V battery link (not supplied)

A loom is also supplied with loose ends labeled for connection points.  We supply the engine pre-wired at no extra charge.


*Specifications are subject to change without notice

pdf-download-button Volts free termination drawing AS2941-08 – 110125A-Model

pdf-download-buttonPCB connection drawing – 110125B-Model

pdf-download-buttonEngine connection drawing AS2941-08 – 110125C-Model

pdf-download-buttonDiesel fire pump controller layout – 081027a-Model

An individual fire pump controller shall be provided for each fire pump, and shall have a degree of protection not inferior to IP54 in accordance with AS 60529.
The controller shall be certified by the manufacturer as complying with Clauses 9.4.1 to 9.4.22 including specific requirements for: General, Location, Controller cabinets, Isolating switch, low and extra-low voltage
equipment, control functions, indicator lights, remote alarm contacts, aural alarm, alarm power supply, conductor terminations, wiring, controller driven interconnecting wiring, battery chargers, alternator
isolation, locked switches, instructions, access for inspection and testing, pre-delivery testing, wiring diagram, marking, and test facility.
Controllers shall be compliant with compression-irrigation engine-driven fire pumps.
Controllers shall be assembled, wired and tested by the manufacturer prior to installation.
For more information regarding compliance to the Australian standard AS 2941-2008 please refer to the relevant section/s within the standard, or contact us