Welling & Crossley are often asked to build diesel generators in accordance to a certain specification or tailored to what the customer requires. Being a manufacturer allows us to take these special projects on board and custom build generators for different kinds of projects.

W&C recently had the opportunity to build 4 generators to run a centre pivot irrigation system for a crop in Griffith NSW. Centre pivot irrigation is a form of overhead sprinkler that is essential for watering large areas of crops and farm lands, many of which are not accessible to mains power and need another source of power for operation.

A generator is used to power the motors that drive the wheels of the centre pivot allowing it to operate and move in a circular motion. The generator is placed in the centre of the Centre Pivot and is connected to the controller. The generator will start first, either by timer or by telemetry then the centre pivot will begin pumping the water and the irrigation process begins.

W&C supplied 4 Lister Petter powered generators custom built with a roof canopy to protect the Lister generator from being rained on by the pivot. The Lister Petter diesel engine is one of the most well known brands when it comes to diesel engines and when coupled to the W&C product it becomes a generator set that is hard to beat in price, quality and reliability. W&C have always prided themselves on using the highest quality materials to produce a finished product that stands out above the rest.

For more information on custom built generators please contact us on 03 9316 9700.

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