Released this month is the new Honda Powered Inverter Generator available in 10 or 14kVA. Using a Honda GX630 engine this generator has been designed and manufactured to be quiet, produce clean power and be economically friendly.

This generator is ideal for backup power to your home or office as it produces a pure sine wave. This means that it will run all your electronic equipment in your home or office without the threat of unclean power causing any damage. The N.S.M alternator uses the latest technology to maintain a constant power output when using various loads; the frequency remains at a stable and steady 50Hz causing no power fluctuation keeping your electronic equipment safe from any power spikes. The Honda engine increases and decreases in speed to match the power required by the load making it extremely fuel efficient.

This generator has been designed to be hard wired into your switch board to give you continuous power in areas where you may not have mains power connected to your home or office.  It can also be used as emergency standby power in case of any blackouts offering  peace of mind if you are worried about losing power for long periods of time. Storms or accidents effecting power lines are common causes of blackouts and having the Honda Powered Inverter Generator connected the food in your fridge or freezer won’t spoil and you can still watch your favourite T.V shows on your plasma television.

Featuring an enclosure that has been engineered with specific sound proofing materials, allowing a balance between air flow and noise, this generator is extremely quite and won’t disturb your neighbours or surrounding occupants when in use.

Made here in Australia this inverter generator is in a class of its own. So if you’re looking for a generator that is quiet, reliable and efficient to power your expensive electronic equipment look no further than the New Honda Powered Inverter Generator.

For more information on this product contact us through our partner companies Gentech and Dunlite

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