153kW at 2800 RPM Doosan Heavy Duty Diesel Engine – Water Cooled

Model No.: D1146T-IRRI

Doosan turbocharged diesel engines have mechanical fuel injection for easy maintenance and servicing. They are specially designed for pumping and irrigation applications. All diesel engines that are sold through Welling and Crossley are stringently tested to ensure reliability and quality.

Power Rating: 153 kW
Engine Model: DOOSAN
Starter Voltage: 24 V
Cylinder No.: 6
Cubic Capacity: 8.07 L
max. speed: 2800 rpm
Flywheel Housing: 2 SAE
Flywheel: 11.5 SAE
Combustion Air Flow: 248 L/sec
Heat Rejection to Coolant: 128 kW
Heat Rejection to Atmosphere: 10.7 kW
Exhaust Gas Flow: 587 L/sec
Exhaust Gas Temperature: 500 °C
Exhaust Pipe Size: 4″”
Min. Secondary Cooling Water Flow: 1.7 L/sec @ 20°C
Governing: Mechanical
Approx. Fuel Consumption @ Full Load: 36.72 L/hr
Weight: 1100 kg

*Specifications are subject to change without notice