How to connect a backup generator to a house

Australians will be experiencing power shortages this summer. So how can you have access to power to safeguard and backup your home in the event of a blackout?

In this video, we'll explain just how easy it is to connect a backup generator to your house using a manual transfer switch.

NOTE: A licensed electrician must carry out the job of installing an appliance outlet to the building and a manual transfer switch to the switchboard.

Dunlite TV commercial on storm, fire and power shortages this season

This season, not only are there storm and fires to look out for, we now have an impending energy crisis approaching.

In September 2016 nearly all of South Australia went without power, some for up to three days. And they’ve had two more major blackouts since then. Tasmania had its own energy crisis too.

Now we’re being told to expect power shortages and blackouts become more frequent and severe across the country.

Luckily Dunlite Power Equipment offers a range of generators to suit any purpose and budget. So you can safeguard access to power for your home and business and be calm in a crisis.

If you want the job done right, get a Dunlite.

Dunlite Grain Report - Powered by

The Dunlite grain report during the 6pm news every Tuesday night on regional TV stations across the nation. Find out the latest on Australian farmer prices for wheat, barley, canola and sorghum.


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Gentech Generator - Power You Can Trust TV Commercial

With over 20 years experience, you can rely on Australian Made Gentech Generators. Built tough with Honda Australia approved engines. Suitable for use on building sites, farms, in the shed and emergency situations like back-up power.

Gentech Inverter Generators Powered By Honda

Introducing the Gentech inverter range the 3.4kVA model EP34if and the 8.8kVA model EP88i. Also available is the 12kVA EP120i model.

Note: These models have been discontinued.

For more information visit or call 1800 248 699

Dunlite floods and fires corporate advertisement.

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Welling and Crossley Diesel Engines

Welling & Crossley located in Brooklyn is an excellent choice if you are looking for diesel generator, diesel engine or engine spare parts. To learn more call (03) 9316 9700, visit us at 59 Export Drive, Brooklyn, VIC, 3012

The Yamaha EF2000iS on Pat Callinan 4×4 Adventures TV Segment

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