180kW at 2600 RPM Crossley Diesel Fire Engine – Heat Exchanger Cooled

Model No.: 6126T-HX-FIRE-13

Crossley diesel heat exchanger cooled diesel engine’s are specially designed in Australia to fully comply with the strict Australian fire engine standards AS 2941-2013. These engines undergo stringent testing to ensure quality performance and reliability. They pair perfectly with our Diesel Fire Pump Controller.

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Power Rating: 180 kW
Engine Model: Crossley Diesel Engine
Starter Voltage: 24 V
Cold Crank Amps (CCA): 312
Cylinder No.: 6 Turbo
Cubic Capacity: 8.82 L
max. speed: 2600 rpm
Flywheel Housing: 1 SAE
Flywheel: 14 SAE
Combustion Air Flow: 240 L/sec
Heat Rejection to Coolant: 160 kW
Heat Rejection to Atmosphere: 30 kW
Exhaust Gas Flow: 600 L/sec
Exhaust Gas Temperature: 580 °C
Exhaust Pipe Size: 4″”
Min. Secondary Cooling Water Flow: 3 L/sec @ 20°C
Governing: Mechanical
Approx. Fuel Consumption @ Full Load: 48.9 L/hr
Weight: 1200 kg

*Specifications are subject to change without notice
  • Heat exchanger cooling
  • Engine feet
  • Energise to stop solenoid fitted
  • Speed transducer fitted
  • Condensation trap below exhaust manifold
  • Guards fitted to suit 2013 specifications
  • Exhaust flex muffler (supplied loose)
  • Jacket heater with additional dry contact for remote indicator (if applicable)
  • fuel lines to suit 2013 specifications
  • oil pressure sender fitted
  • Engine water temp sender fitted

** This engine fully complies with the Australian Standard AS2941-2013

Firepump Ratings Spreadsheet

Performance Curve

Technical Drawing