Gentech Generators

Gentech offers powerful Australian generating and pumping solutions. Specialising in portable generators and water pumps powered by Yamaha and Honda.
Gentech delivers powerful generating solutions ranging from portable petrol and diesel powered units to hardworking, heavy duty gensets. Gentech is 100% Australian owned and our products are manufactured locally, so you can be sure they are made to with-stand our harsh Australian conditions.

With over 20 years experience, Gentech today leads the pack with its unsurpassed reliability, technological innovation and support of over 550 dealers Australia wide.

Gentech stands up to even the most demanding applications. Gentech products continuously achieve top performance with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Now that's power you can trust!

Dunlite Generators

We’ve been powering Australia for over 80 years, which is why we don’t cut corners when it comes to engineering our generators for reliability.

For tough, continuous performance that won’t let you down, we use genuine brands you know and trust such as Honda, Kohler, Yanmar and Lister Petter engines.

You can trust that Dunlite has the right generator to meet your needs, with the choice of petrol or diesel powered portable generators, Welders or Multi-Power Packs (4-in-1 Units). Our reputation for reliability continues with a range of Standby Diesel Gensets and Tractor Packs.

Parts and service are available Australia-wide, supported by a growing network of over 500 dealers.

For generators that are Built Tough, for power you know you can rely on, look no further than Dunlite.

Yamaha Generators

Light, quiet, portable and easy to use... Yamaha generators are the versatile workhorses for every camper and caravanner.

Yamaha's portable range of 4-stroke petrol powered inverter generators are the new wave in generator technology for when you need clean, high quality electricity in a compact and light weight package. This means they are easy to transport whether operating equipment in the field, four-wheel-driving, caravanning, camping, fishing, using power tools or overcoming a power outage.

Yamaha has a range of portable power products ranging from 1kVA to 6.3kVA to suit your needs.

Water Master Portable Pumps

Australia's most reliable brand of petrol and diesel powered portable pumps.

WATER MASTER portable pumps is an Australian brand specialising in tough pumps for tough Australian conditions. Renowned for their quality and reliability in delivering high quality pumps for applications such as fire fighting, irrigation, water transfer and trash, these versatile pumps can be used in various environments ranging from the home to industrial, building and rural sites.


Offering petrol and diesel powered pumps ranging from 1'' up to 4'' Inlet/Outlet, you can't pass these up for efficiency, reliability and high performance. They are powered by names you can trust, such as Honda and Yanmar, so these units won't let you down.

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A brand exclusively available to the Australian Industrial Supplies (AIS) buying group.