Wouldn’t you love more power and not have to pay a cent more?

Wouldn’t you love more power and not have to pay a cent more?

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The NEW 6kVA Yamaha EF7200E is the answer that you’ve been waiting for if you want more grunt without a price compromise.

This model supersedes the 5.5kVA Yamaha EF6600E and adopts a new engine with major improvements in performance in the areas of fuel economy, output etc.

The new EF7200E carries on the proud brand image created by the EF6600E while raising product value and quality. The added bonus is that the RRP remains unchanged and warranty* is still a generous 4 years!


Packed with more features than ever before, you’ll just have to look for yourself!

Stock will arrive mid July 2014. Pre-orders will be taken in advance.

So get into your local Yamaha dealer and pre-order yours today!

Independent Yamaha dealer Store Locator: http://generatoryamaha.com.au/store/locator.asp

To keep up with the latest news “Like” Yamaha’s Facebook page: facebook.com/yamahapowerequipment

CLICK HERE to look at the individual product page for specifications of the EF7200E.

*Warranty from date of original purchase. 48 months for personal/recreational use and 12 months for professional/commercial use.

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