ED120LC 3 Ready Stock 1
Lister Petter diesel generator open set


120 kVA 3-Phase

Lister Petter GWT6-2A engine

260 lt fuel tank

2 wire remote start controller with battery charger

Includes battery/lead

Factory tested

$18,950.00 incl. GST

Optional acoustic enclosure can be added for $5,700.00 incl. GST

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The Lister Petter powered ED120LC/3 is a 120kVA 3 phase diesel generator. Complete with Crossley SLG series single bearing, 4-pole, brushless alternator, remote start/stop control system and 260 litre fuel tank. Welling and Crossley’s Lister Petter powered generators are fully integrated power generation systems that are stringently tested to provide optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for both stationary and prime power applications.  Weather protective acoustic canopy options available.